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NLSIN has recently become Connect, The Network for Global Learning in Education.

Connect provides on-going specialist support for its member schools in accessing and gaining maximum benefit from international funding, training, and curriculum development opportunities.  Connect has close links with the British Council and is a DfID Global Learning Programme (GLP) training provider.


  • guidance and support in developing both funded and non-funded global school projects
  • support in embedding global learning and active citizenship across the curriculum
  • unique opportunities to participate in Connect projects (e.g. New York, China)
  • a network of advice from other schools
  • support with gaining accreditation.

The Global Dimension to education can:

  • improve standards
  • enhance delivery in all curriculum areas
  • support outstanding spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) skills development.

Staff Development:
Connect runs an annual CPD programme as well as providing tailor made staff INSET and bespoke training.

Case Studies


For more information contact
Anne Roots
Connect Manager
020 8359 7798


  • “I am really impressed with the level of support available.”
    NLSIN Survery 2016
  • “It is the school's involvement in the local community and its international links that enhance SMCS understanding”
    Excerpt, Ofsted
  • “NLSIN training sessions are always very well organised, informative and inspiring.”
    NLSIN Survey 2016
  • “Sessions are always useful, not only in content but by offering an opportunity to network and share experiences with others.”
    NLSIN Survey 2016